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Friday, September 28, 2012

Tate's Third Birthday

My baby boy turned 3 yrs. old last week.  I know, 3 really isn't a  baby but I can say it if I want to.  Never mind the fact that baby boy now weighs more than bigger brother...and I can't carry baby boy around very long before my back starts to ache...and that baby boy is always saying, "me do it"...and that baby boy doesn't drink bottles but instead can put down as much food as an adult and still ask for more...regardless of all that, he's still my baby boy and he'll be that for the rest of his life.

This was baby boy Tate on his 3rd birthday.   

He has waited for this day in great anticipation.  You should have seen the smile he flashed when he first saw his Toy Story birthday cake.  I was enjoying the moment too much and didn't have my camera ready but his smiled looked something like this...

For his special day, we spent the morning going to Bible Study Fellowship (BSF).  It was the first day that the boys attended..each going to their own class.  When I picked Tate up from his classroom, he and another little boy were "jostling" each other and his teacher quickly intervened.  This is how the conversation went in the car:

Jayden:  Did you have fun at bible study, Tate?
Tate:  Yes, I did.  (inaudible) boy pounded me.
Jayden:  What boy pounded you?
Tate:  Uh, (pause) that boy. 
Jayden:  Oh, what did you do?
Tate:  Me pounded him back.
Jayden:  Tate, next time, I will help you pound him.
(Both boys now joyfully laughing.)**
**Insert motherly preaching about how we must treat every one with kindness and love just as Jesus loves....and so on and so on.  I was thankful that my friend, Angie, just happened to be volunteering in Tate's class for the day and she reported that he was "so good" through class and that was the one and only incident she saw.  (And just so you know, there was no "pounding" of anyone in the second week of bible study.  NOW insert angelic voices singing "Hallelujah".)

After I preached at the choir (sheesh), we grabbed some Subway sandwiches and headed to the park because it was a GORGEOUS day.  I do not know where those pictures are right now because my digital photos are a mess...and I have no clue...so here is a picture that will give you an idea of the love relationship between Tate and his food.  He loves Subway and will eat a 6" but could seriously put down a foot long all by himself.  I just don't let him.

We played for almost two hours at the park.  This particular park has a ton of trees, which houses A TON of squirrels.  Perfect spot for us to be.  Our boys love nature and they find many "treasures" (nuts, sticks, seeds...).  Tate was finding his treasures and carrying them around in his pocket--which he then felt like needed emptied when he got to the playground.  As he was emptying them out, he was showing them to an older guy who was in the area.  What happened next was WEIRD.  The guy got really gruff and said, "you need to put those nuts down on the ground and leave them for the squirrels".  And I'm thinking, "Oh, he's just messing with Tate."   Hahahaha.  Then the voice got louder and gruffer, "PUT THE NUTS DOWN ON THE GROUND FOR THE SQUIRRELS, SON."  Ah, no joking there.  And I'm thinking, "Seriously, are you for real? Because I'm not seeing any kind of nut shortage in this here park."  My motherly instincts took over while the thoughts in my head continued and all of a sudden I try to be telepathic, "Put the nuts down, Tate, and back away 'cuz you are dealing with the biggest nut in the park at this moment."  I took Tate's hand, flashed a smile at the nutty man and steered Tate in the direction of Jayden.  (Hhmm, maybe the two of them could have pounded THAT guy.  Oops, forgive me Lord.)

Tate's big day involved a trip through the car wash because every 3 yr. old thinks that car washes are the most fun thing EVER (and my car was really dirty and the new place is still only $1...so why not combine all those three facts, right?)  It might have even gotten me "Most Fun Mom of the Day Award".

Last stop, Cold Stone.  I was by myself so there are no other pictures inside when ice cream was in hand.  This one was hard enough to get.

Tate enjoyed his day.  Happy 3rd Birthday, lil' Tate!  We love you!

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  1. I love the conversation the boys had in the car. Nothing like having a brother to stick up for ya!