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"...let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith..."

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jayden - 6 month update

This was the photo we received asking if we wanted this little boy to be our son so many months ago.  He is adorable...but, oh how scared he looks.  I was bothered by the fear that I saw in his eyes each time I looked at this picture. 

This is that same little boy after being in our home for 6 months.  Yes, 6 months!  He is still adorable but he no longer looks scared...he looks really ornery.

So what do I know about Jayden after 6 months of being our son?  As I look back on my original introduction post of Jayden, I am astounded at the accuracy of it considering that he had only been in our home two weeks.  It is evident that God gave insight into knowing our boys' personalities very quickly into the process.   

Jayden continues to be a happy, happy boy.  There is rarely a time when he is not.  He still loves to talk A LOT and he asks many questions.  He usually repeats, word for word, the answers we give him to the point that I feel like there must be a parrot in the house.  I believe this has been one of the big reasons that has attributed to his ability to speak English so quickly and so well.  

Jayden loves to read books.  When I read him books, I love how he snuggles right up next to my side and places his arm over the the top of mine.  Sometimes he will wriggle his fingers up into mine and intertwine them.  He is a sponge and he soaks up everything.  Over the past 6 months, we have been introducing the gospel message to the boys in little bits.  Here's a bit of "how" we explain such a big topic...

-We first started as we talked about "bad choices" and "good choices".  
-The next introduction was how God calls our bad choices "sin" and the sadness that sin brings, as well as consequences.  
-We then explained how wonderful it is that we can make good choices rather than the bad....that good choices bring joy and a happy heart to daddy and mommy and most importantly, God.  And that he (Jayden) can be happy knowing he chose rightly.
-Next, the harder explanation of how God is sad with bad choices because they are sin and sin separates from God because God has no sin.  God is holy.  He cannot be with sin.  
-We then explained how God loved us so much that He sent Jesus, his only Son, to die for all our bad choices...all our sins.  "He loves us soooo much."
-A few weeks ago I explained to Jayden that the Bible calls a man who sins "foolish".  For whatever reason (or for the obvious fact that he's only 4 yrs old), I did not think it would be anything he would really recall or understand.   Wrong.  He gets it and I am AMAZED.
-So, today I introduced that when we choose to make good choices, the Bible says that we are "wise".  I am interested to see what comes up in the next few days.  I am grateful for the words that God gives me as I teach our little boys of His love. 

Jayden loves to play the Memory game. (He has legitimately beat me a few times now.)
He knows the alphabet through the letter "K". By this I mean that he is able to identify each letter (capitals only), he knows the sound(s) they make and he will correspond words with that letter.  For example, we have yet to learn the letter "P" but we were by the police station last week and he asked me what letter was on the sign.  I told him that we hadn't learned it yet..that it was a "P" and told him the sound is makes.  He said, "Oh, like pig and please and pray."  Uh, yeah...pretty incredible.  A few weeks ago I told him that once he learned all the letters, I would begin to teach him to read.  He got a huge smile on his face and started jumping up and down celebrating.  There are now many mornings that he wakes up and says, "Can I learn a new letter today, mom...please?"

Jayden gives the BEST hugs.  When I hug him, he will wrap his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck and snuggle in...and I LOVE it!  During these times, he feels so tiny.  He is growing quickly and I still call him my "big boy".  He often says, "I'm getting bigger but it makes mommy sad.  She wants me to stay little."  Yes, he's heard me say this many times.  

Doesn't that face just make you smile?  And for those who might not know, one front tooth was lost on a trampoline collision on some one's head and, on a different occasion, the other hit loose on "his cousin's pants" (Jayden's explanation).  It was so loose that daddy pulled it out--root and all!  Looks like he'll be toothless for a few years.

This is an old post that I didn't publish because it was never finished.  I don't have the heart to delete it so I'll just add it on to this post.

Jayden keeps us hopping...sprinting...running.  He is constantly coming up with new outfits and always ready to do "something" even though he's not quite sure what "something" is.  But believe me, he'll think of "something" and sometimes "something" is not a good choice.  

He's been putting in some time building.  You might also find him sporting the safety goggles and hardhat while he rides his bike.  He found out quickly that the tool belt didn't work on the bike...his pants came down to easily.  At least he doesn't have a plumber's crack....he just shows the cars on his underwear. 

This kid drove me to drink...Pepsi that is.  I had given Pepsi up for the New Year but I'm back to "drinking" again.  If you see me with a 32 oz. Pepsi, it will be a give away as to the type of day we're having.

One morning as I was getting breakfast, Jayden was keeping me company with his gibber jabber.  As I said, he's always looking for something to do and he spotted the dishcloth, grabbed it and started rolling it up.  He was really quiet as he worked and the next thing I knew, he had wrapped it around his waist.  He looked at me, threw his arms out big at his side and took on a wide stance.  I knew instantly what he was trying to be and I couldn't stop laughing.  I hollered at Kurt, "We have a sumo wrestler in the house!"  He and Tate then started going at each other with their bellies.  It was comical! 

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