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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Trails

A week ago, the boys put their cowboy boots to good use.  Jenna's good friend, Katlyn, invited us to their farm so that they boys could ride horses.  Tate was going to be the first to ride but, when Jenna lifted him up to the horse, he began screaming and changed his mind real quick.  So, Jayden was the brave cowboy to ride first.  I tell you, he was SO RELAXED riding and jabbered an ear full to Katlyn as she led him around. 

While Jayden was on the horse, Tate decided that he indeed wanted his turn.  He looked pretty little up on the horse and I know he was intimidated by the size difference.  He decided that he would only ride if Jenna held his hand--God bless the girls.
The boys decided that they had been on the horse long enough so Katlyn took them into the barn to "help" her brush the horse out.  It's not picture worthy because each one brushed for less than a minute and decided they were "all done".  It was after that that Jayden noticed the spurs on Katlyn's boots and BOY.WAS.HE.INTRIGUED.  (I chuckle each time I see this picture of him in his plaid shorts and cowboy boots.)

Sitting on the tractor was a must, of course...
One of the favorite things of the day was the pigs.  Katlyn's pigs were like pet pigs...they LOVED PEOPLE.  They loved to be scratched behind their ears and on their backs and when they oinked my boys thought it was hilarious--I mean downright belly laughing worthy.  What added more fun was that the boys had watched Charlotte's Web a few days before which made them have all the more interest in the pigs. 
And every barn must have a cat, of course.

Katyln and the boys took a walk on the hillside and Tate began picking flowers to take home.  We placed them in a vase on the kitchen table where he talked about them the rest of the day.  I love that they had this experience to visit a farm and I love that we are surrounded by so many WONDERFUL people that want to invest time into our little boys. 

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