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Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Hi-lights

We started our weekend early.....I guess I should rephrase that because each of our days starts early with little boys trying to climb into our bed from 5AM on.  The little boys and I were on our way out of the house early on Saturday headed for Des Moines.  Our purpose was to cheer on Kurt and Jenna in the Drake Half Marathon.  It was Jenna's first long race and Kurt was absolutely thrilled to be running alongside her to encourage her.  The race started at 8AM and we decided that it would be difficult to get the boys around in time so I ended up loading them around 8:15AM so that we could be at the finish line.  I couldn't muster up the mentality and strength of going to various spots on the race course and having to unload boys from the car, unload a stroller, load boys in a stroller, cheer, load boys back into the car, load the stroller into the car and drive to another spot only to repeat the whole process...no thank you.  BUT I really wanted to be at the finish line to cheer them on, which we managed to do just fine.

We were at the finish about 25 minutes early which worked out well so that the boys could watch the runners coming in.  I took along some cowbells that we acquired from past races and I told the boys that they could ring them loud and yell for dad and Jenna.  We were just given a new stroller by friends which has given me a feeling of empowerment.  I will explain that in another post sometime.  We had used it once out on a walk but this was the first time that we used it "going out"...it was fantastic.

They were so cute clanging the bells and they really seemed to enjoy watching all the runners.  One guy impressed them as he came in juggling while he ran...they talked about that for quite a long while.  I told them dad wouldn't be juggling when he came by :)  True to the time that they had estimated, Kurt and Jenna appeared and we yelled as loud as we could!

Jenna had a time goal that she was hoping to meet...which she did.  The Drake Half Marathon publishes the top 17 race times--from all the years--in the 15-19 yr. old age division.  So, if you run a better race time than what is currently recorded in the top 17, then your name will replace someone else and you will then go into the book.  Look whose name should be making that top 17 now...

Race time of 1:41:19 in the 15-19 yr. old division.  Placed 2nd overall in her division on Saturday!  Isn't she somethin'!  We were so tickled for her...she's worked really hard in her running.  Congrats Jenna!  We love you!

The moments to savor:

This is the surprise that Jayden had for me Sunday morning.  He has helped me make my bed in the past (our boys LOVE to help in doing chores--we won't try to train THAT out of them!)  I was off in another part of the house and Jayden's booming voice yelled, "Me makin' for mom!"  After a bit, he came and got me by the hand and took me into my room where I found this precious gift...our bed made with love from a little 3 yr. old with one HUGE, BEAMING smile.  He had absolutely no help from anyone!

Me:  "Oh my goodness, Jayden!  You made my bed!"
Jayden:  "Me make for mom!"
Me:  "You did a good job.  Thank you so much.  I LOVE it!"
(insert smothering child in hugs and kisses)
Jayden:  (still beaming)  "Mom love it!  Me did a good job!"
Me:  "Yes, you did.  You did a great job.  You made mom very happy."
Jayden:  (still beaming and bouncing away...) "Me make mom happy!  Mom love it!  Me did a good job!"

Monkey and bear are constant companions of Jayden and Tate.  They were gifts from Jenna waiting for them on their beds when they first came home...and they are played with A LOT.  Here they are enjoying a sit down meal...you can't tell but they are "buckled" in their chairs with the black straps.  Hilarious.

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