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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Backpackin' to Africa

We've been having a little bit of fun lately.  With our boys now being in a foster home in Africa, we are able to send them a little care package from home.  Here's what we rounded up to send to our two little kiddos...

- Each of the boys has his very own backpack.  Our agency stated backpacks would be a great way to keep all the items together and the kids love having something that is their own.  I put a name tag on each of the bags with their picture so that they will know which bag belongs to which boy. 

- A pair of sandals.

- We included four short/shirt outfits for each of them.  We were clueless on whether to send underwear since the boys are pretty young, but we hear potty training happens early in Africa.  Is that fact or fiction...we don't know but underwear is inexpensive enough.  Besides, if they are not potty trained, maybe they can wear it as a hat.  Jenna used to LOVE to wear Devin's Barney underwear on her head.  (Hey...don't give me grief...it kept her happy at 22 mos.!)

- Toys.  We sent them each a ball, a car and three African animal figures.

- I made two small photo albums for each of the boys.  Our little guys will get to SEE us and begin to understand (even if only a tiny bit) that we are THEIR FAMILY.  Each book was identical except for the last page of the book.  I included a current family photo and on the opposite page I put THEIR picture with the words, "We love their name!"

- One of the last things tucked away in each backpack was a cute stuffed animal (you can see them peeking out of the bags in the picture).  Mind you, these are not just any stuffed animals.  These are two favorite stuffed animals from the personal collection of their big sister, Jenna.  Jenna has grown to be a very kind, thoughtful, loving young lady...who, I might mention, no longer has an attachment to stuffed animals nor does she wear her brother's underwear on her head.  :) 

- The last item to make the bag is the gift we sent to foster mother.  It was difficult to attempt to find a gift to say "thank you" to a woman who is on the other side of the world caring for our two boys.  We decided to buy her a beautiful watch which we set to their time so that when she opens it, it is ready to go. 

We're not sure when the boys will actually receive the backpacks.  We sent them to our adoption agency who will send them with the next agency escort who goes to or comes from Africa.  So, for now, I just get to keep dreaming about how excited our boys will be to get their own backpacks...and SEE their new family!


  1. I love it! You thought of everything and I see how it is all coming together! I can see it. They are going to enjoy every item and know it was especially selected for them, given out of love from Their Family!

    Love you to pieces, Lisa.


  2. Oh, how fun packing up those backpacks must have been! I know the waiting seems long, but they will be here at the PERFECT time. (Does Jenna know about that underwear picture? tee-hee)